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As a woman working in the London escorts industry, it is just common for you to meet up with clients with controlling personalities regardless of your best efforts to shun them. Since they are constantly seeking for a woman who they can influence and motivate right away, their obsessive personalities could be one of their traits that keep on sending these men to you. Some of them are very difficult to please, because their desires and demands intensify. Here is some advise from London top escorts agency cityofeve.com www.charlotteaction.org on how you can identify controlling men:

✓ Controlling customers in London who usually book several appointments regularly.

Usually they book London escorts on a weekly or monthly basis. This can definitely signify that this type of man will show his controlling ways sooner or later. They have the strong desire to be in-charge of the London escorts life by taking advantage as he frequently visits you. Moreover, by booking you several times, they are limiting your exposure to other bookings. He will start with approaches that will gradually control your attitude in a lot of ways.

✓ Keeping London customers at a distance.

Once London escorts have identified that their companion has a controlling personality, it is important to keep him at a distance. Regardless of the fact that he seems to be gentleman and charming over the phone or the first appointment with you, his attitude will change when he recognises that you are unable to be controlled by him. Do not offer this type of man any relationship that is more than professional and business-related, because he may think that you and he have something more than just a client-escorts relationship.

✓ London clients start to tell you what to say, what to wear or how to act.

Once a person tells you what to do, he is definitely a control freak. From time to time, a client will be asking his London escorts to wear a particular outfit for an encounter and may request a role-playing scenario. He wants to tell you what choice of clothing, make-up or shoes you should wear and get rid of according to his personal choices. More likely, he will do the shopping for you. These are sure indications that he wants to shape you into his personal creation. London escorts should cut him loose before he causes more trouble.

✓ London companions show off their professional or social status.

London escorts will know that her customer has an inch of being a control freak when he is very proud of his London social ranking in the society. He boasts his status, recognitions, wealth and riches. A man like this is usually obsessed with superficial things around him and tends to act in a certain way to make sure that his status is maintained. He is used to manipulating others, thus a tendency to do the same to London escorts also.

✓ London Men are overly consumed with talking about probable jealousy for other clients.

These London men who are manipulative may show indications that they are jealous towards your other companions and possibly with the London escorts real-life partner. He may repeatedly mention that he is jealous with the time you spend with others and becomes very envious towards your real-life, romantic partner this type of person is obsessed with London escorts.

Working as an escort in Kensington may mean that you have listened to almost anything and everything that a male rants about. Probably, most of your customers tell you things they do not feel very relaxed and contented with confiding in anyone else. They inquire sexual demands and requests they cannot and would not expect from their “real” partners in life.

They expect that Kensington escorts will fulfil their fantasies and desires.

Most of the mens fantasies develop and become a fetish. Depending on this fetish, Kensington escorts may or may not fulfil it. It’s always best to be educated of the several fetishes that people have.

1. Voyeurism

This is where someone becomes aroused from watching escorts pleasure themselves. He may be getting his thrill by just simply watching his hired Kensington escorts masturbate or perform sexual activities with another person. Some, who have this desire just want to watch a courtesan perform something that’s easy, such as undressing in the bedroom or taking a shower.

2. Podophilia

In today’s sophisticated world, podophilia is not too taboo anymore most escort agencies have it listed on their sight as a standard service like http://cityofeve.com/kensington-escorts/. However, if you have not met a guy demand one, it can appear a bit strange. Foot worship may include licking an escorts ankle, sucking her toes or just simply the fantasy of massaging the feet.

3. Parthenophilia

This kind of interest is being enjoyed by most who would want to take the virginity of others. The excitement of being somebody’s first and looking at their facial expressions during the first encounter provides an enormous arousal for a lot of people. It’s also stated that sleeping with virgins helps prevents HIV. A customer in Kensington who wants to participate in this kind of activity may request escorts to act like a virgin.

4. Fisting

This involves the inclusion of a complete hand, firearm or fist into the rectum or vagina of the hired Kensington escorts. This activity has been famous in the porn industry and a favorite among porn watchers and adult entertainment professionals.

This needs appropriate lubrication and slow placing to prevent health hazards like air embolisms and lacerations.

5. Coulrophilia

This kind of desire engages the sexualization of clowns. There is a kind of culture that exists in seeking out sexual satisfaction from clowns and accepts sexual arousal by just examining clowns as they are working. Even though the fetish might sound a little off the conventional, it’s relatively undisruptive to help a male participate in this. Professional Kensington escorts, you can just dress up in a simple clown or paint your face before arriving to your encounter.

6. Tripsolagnia

Tripsolagnia is the act of being sexually aroused through rinsing, shampooing, cutting or styling your hair. Those who have this kind of fetish usually find it impracticable to go to a public barber shop or beauty salon, because of their sexual reactions. They may ask their escorts in Kensington to wash their hair, since it’s an erotic experience for them. Added with tender care, candles and soft music, your companion will be satisfied.

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Porn stars are people that are involved in a pornography industry and mostly seen in videos or movies. They are no different from the usual actresses and actors that we see from a normal movie. However, the genre of their film is strictly for adults only and not allowed to be watched by young people with ages of below 18 years old. There are different types of porn stars and their popularities depend in place.

Porn Stars on the Internet

There are porn stars that are mostly popular due to their videos uploaded Porn Stars Escortsonline. You can normally watch them by going to the porn websites. There paid and free videos from these stars depending to the website where they can be found. Porn stars found at the internet only are mostly the most popular since they are free and can easily be watched at the convenience of your home.

Porn Stars in Movies

There are also porn stars that are only seen in an amateur or professional porn movie. You can watch their film by buying their DVDs. However, these are no longer popular in some places since watching pornography over the internet is much preferred by most people as compared to buying DVDs. There are some popular actresses in Hollywood that does this kind of film. Most of these actresses in Hollywood are no longer popular so they decided to enter the world of pornography in order to get another break in their career.

Porn Stars in Escorts Service

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Sunny sometimes caught herself spending fractions of her days drawing images in her mind of the consequences of not returning any more of Darwin’s calls after that cold London night in September. It was not a habit that love begged her for. That word was not the name of any emotion he inspired in her. She feared that she and him might turn into marionettes whose strings were pulled by each other’s intentions, both old and those budding still. There was uncertainty in cutting those strings. It could grant Darwin and herself an amount of freedom or even just a sense of it, but committing it could also leave the two of them as limp as forgotten dolls.


These two possibilities were the two sides of a coin and whichever she would be handed, she would welcome. She liked looking at the brighter side, for the silver lining. But there was another question she kept tucked away at the back of her mind, one that she could not gather enough courage and honesty to answer. There was no regret born out of sleeping with him. What she needed to be sure of before she stopped seeing Darwin was whether she wanted to push him out of her world the world of London escorts or she wanted to push herself away from his shores.


She considered flipping a coin. It was a silly idea and she knew that whichever image of consequence would be filled with colors, neither she nor Darwin would deserve it. The emotions and intimacy that can be born out of in calls, we should be like the Swiss just have sex drive-ins.


For her, there was not a need to spend more fractions of her time worrying about losing the money that he paid her. The city of London was home to thousands of men engulfed in their lonely lives, men who believed that they could be pulled out of those depths with an escorts encounter. Her voice mail was brimming with messages left by her former London clients who longed for her companionship in spite of having been in the company of other escorts.


On the morning that followed that clod London night in September, while walking along the sidewalks of the city of London, she spent an hour in the café where she used to write pieces of poetry. She thought it was a fine idea to drink coffee in the morning rather than in the afternoon when the coffee was a mere excuse to be there. She paced towards the back to the table where she shared warm drinks and slices of blueberry cheesecakes with her clients. It was bright, she noticed and chuckled at the thought of how the place lost its familiarity at that time of the day. She wrapped her hands around the ceramic and inhaled the steam that floated from the surface of the cup. She listened to the bell ringing each time the door was opened by people thirsty for caffeine and people leaving with their tall paper cups.


She lifted her eyes from the table after hearing the voice of a man. At first, she thought that Darwin followed her. But the man asking to share the table with her did not look like Darwin. She nodded her head, a smile creeping on her lips and fantasies filling her head.